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About Fhizban

Im Fhiz - a hobbyist developer and artist located in germany. Born near Munich and being a self-taught Jack-of-all-Trades kind of guy, my day job comprises Business Consulting, Layout, Design, Web-Development and Project Administration. My passion is all about games, art and code – most often board-games, card-games or computer-games. I also love to write – being a big fan of fantasy worlds (like "Lord of the Rings") – some of my art projects feature a complex background world together with an ongoing storyline.

The Passion

I have been designing games since I am ten years old. It all started with simple boardgames, mostly because I was totally captivated by "Warlock of the Firetop Mountain", although I did not fully grasp the rules back then. In my youth, I desgined several board-, card- and computer games (first using Basic on the Commodore 64 and later HyperCard on the Apple Macintosh). Most of these concepts survived until today and provided the base for future ideas. Nowadays the focus is on computer based art projects (using the Unity Engine and various Web Technologies) because of their object orientated nature and the ease of distribution across the internet.

The Nickname

The nickname I am using most often is "Fhizban". On almost every forum, chat or social media you will find me under that name. Why and how did this happen? Well, Fizban (without the "h") is a fictional character from the novel series "Dragonlance" by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis under the the direction of TSR, Inc. . I used to play an almost identical character in my Pen-and-Paper RPG sessions back in the days of my youth. But the name Fizban is part of the novels copyrighted material, and so it was decided to modify the name. Inspired by the german pulp-novel series Perry Rhodan (created by K. H. Scheer and Clark Darlton) – an "h" was added to the name. The story behind this is, that the name Rodan originated from a translation of a japanese Godzilla like monster movie and to circumvent copyright issues, an "h" was added. So the final "Rhodan" was born. And that is the same story how it came to be that I have chosen the name "Fhizban". Quite a long story for a short name...


Web Developer

PHP, mySQL and various web-technologies

Portfolio: https://www.github.com/wovencode

Unity Developer

Unity Game Engine Development and C# code

Portfolio: https://www.github.com/wovencode

Computer Game Designer

Networked and Single-Player Games, design, gameplay, mechanics


Art, Logo Design, Layout, UX

Board Game Designer

Board- and Card-Games design, gameplay, mechanics


Full stack development, asset development, code refactoring & rewrites, consulting for projects related to digital art, computer and/or board-games

NOT available for commissioned work, support or chat